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2 Player: Only Up is a 3D parkour game for two players. Prepare to conquer barriers, defy gravity, and reach new heights of thrill. The gameplay promises to provide an amazing experience in which collaboration and talent mix in the search for success.

In the game 2 Player: Only Up, you play as two separate characters who must work together to reach the top of a tower. You'll need to be quick and agile to reach the top of the tower, which is riddled with opponents, obstacles, and puzzles.

You must hop from platform to platform while avoiding monsters and obstacles to reach the top of the tower. You may also collect power-ups and upgrades, such as additional lives, speed boosts, and double leaps, to help you progress.

How To Play

Player 1:

  • Use the arrow keys to move and jump.
  • Space - Jump.

Player 2:

  • Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move and jump.
  • Right shift - Jump.
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